Early Works of CLUB FOOTers JC Garrett and Matt Heckert in Group Show

Wall of Sound
July 12 - September 8, 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 12, 6-9pm

Steven Wolf Fine Arts
2747 19th Street, A
San Francisco, CA

The rise of punk rock in the 1970s provoked an explosion of collage-based visual art. A new generation of rebels reworked dada aesthetics in the design of flyers, zines and studio art. Some of the most interesting work was done by the musicians themselves. The bridge that formed between music and visual art inaugurated a hybridity now common in studio practice where art history shares equal space with movies, music and television as source material for artists. This show will revisit that time, focusing exclusively on the west coast, and take pleasure in the diversity of approaches and styles. There will be work in the show by artists who are better known as musicians, and by musicians who are better known as artists. We will replay the moment when artists circled back to an earlier aesthetic only to open a futuristic mindset.

David J. Haskins, Exene Cervenka, Penelope Houston, Tomata Du Plenty, V. Vale, Monte Cazazza, Matt Heckert, Raymond Pettibon, JC Garret, and more.

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Under The Big Black Sun: California Art 1974-1981
October 1, 2011 to February 13, 2012
Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art

Several graphic items (artifacts), including the cover art for the CLUB FOOT album, will be presented in their now rarefied state for consumption as history, just as we always knew they would. See you at the opening reception? Look for us lying beneath the banner PUNK.

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Four Faces (detail) by JC Garrett
CLUB FOOT Presents: A Generous Illusion, Post-Punk SF (1978-82)
July 29, 2010 at San Francisco Public Library Koret Auditorium

After new wave punk first hit North Beach in 1976 and before 80's hardcore took over The Vats, San Francisco's heaviest neighborhoods saw a brilliant flurry of Do-It-Yourself artist-run venues. Target Video, Tool & Die, and Survival Research Labs in the Mission. Club Generic in the Tenderloin. CLUB FOOT in Dogpatch. To name just a few. This program presents films and performances from these often overlooked locations where rock aesthetics meet live art action.

Featuring Bruce Geduldig's beautiful black-and-white 8mm short, Childhood Prostitute, starring JoJo Planteen (Inflatable Boy Clams) and Winston Tong (Tuxedomoon). Includes music by Tuxedomoon, The Units, Pink Section, Minimal Man, Invertebrates, Factrix, Richard Kelly, and Snuky Tate (live at the 1979 Gay Freedom Day Parade). Read More

Moving In The Direction Of History: Artifacts from SF's Art Punk Cabaret
June 5 to August 5, 2010 at SFPL Art & Music Department

A rare glimpse into CLUB FOOT, one of the Bay Area's longest running underground venues. From the archives of CF co-founders JC Garrett and Cindy Buff, many oddities and relics have been unearthed. Read More

In February 2010, CLUB FOOT celebrated its 30-year annivesary at Café Du Nord with pioneering groups from the scene. Subterranean Records repressed a special limited edition of the CLUB FOOT album for this event.